Milpitas Measure E Spending Started

June 26 2012 - School Board considers
  •     Salary of $163,349 and $87,037 for two new positions (2 board members supported, 3 opposed)
  •     Re-design of Randall Elementary (all board members supported)
July 10 2012 - School Board approved
  •     New positions of Director of Facilities and Modernization and Bond Administrative asst. Marsh Grilli proposed it and all members unanimously supported. Their salary will come from Building Fund.
  •     Look below. This is the accounting trick we told will be adopted to use money for salaries. This is the beginning of $95 million spending.
  •     It was reported that Phase I of districts design projects are moving very quickly (cost $25 million). Russell, Randall, Weller, Burnett, Spangler and Rancho are being modernized(don't know what this means and how it will improve student education). New High school swimming pool design is progressing well.
  •     District has ordered new wireless equipment. This also might help stop leaking roofs and improve student performance.
  •     So far no citizens' oversight committee established. But looks like it might get established before all $95 million is spent

Sep 11 2012 - School Board considers
  •     Plans for new School. Price tag - $48 million.

What happened to leaky roofs? Remember those election fliers. Looks like board forgot about it in their excitement of spending $95 million.

Milpitas Residents
Property Taxes going UP AGAIN
Vote NO on Measure E
June 5th 2012

It’s emotional blackmail

here is why

Milpitas school spending per student went up 47% since 1999
Milpitas school spending per student went up 15% since 2006
Still not enough

In the past Milpitas School Board amassed about $100 million.
Still not enough

Property Taxes raised by $84 per year in 2010.
Still not enough

Now they want to raise Property Tax again to Collect $95 Million
$400 for $800,000 homes
$300 for $600,000 homes
$200 for $400,000 homes

Making spending per student ~20% higher than year 2006 level.

They want to spend $95 million on LEAKY ROOFS.

School Reports – No Repairs Needed

 See reports provided by school board -

But School Board Wants $95 Million ???

Can we Trust Them ???

WHAT HAPPENED to the $100 million already spent.
See the list given by school board  -
Decide yourself
Does this look like $100 million work? Do you feel like giving $95 million more?

Number of Students reduced 1% since 1999. Spending per Student has gone up by 47%. 
It doesn’t matter how much you give them, they will always be short on money.

They will come again for more in the next election.



Vote NO on Measure E

When – June 5th 2012. Where - find your polling place -

For more info contact -
Want to discuss -
Milpitas Measure E says that money from measure will not go for salaries, but it will. Here is how it has been done in past and will be done this time as well. Money from this measure will replace money in general fund and replaced money will be used to raise salaries.

“Do you think more salary to Teachers, Superintendent improves education?”
Think Again. 

Here is the truth hidden in piles of data.

Ref. SARC reports provided by Milpitas School board
SARC report by Cupertino School Board -
Schools with lower teacher salary have better API scores
Lincoln Elementary in Cupertino has much lower ($69,050) Average Teacher Salary than Milpitas Schools but has much better API(980).

Average Teacher Salary in Milpitas is $85,392 - $94,999. This is the salary for 9 months of work with retirement/medical benefits for life. This is equivalent to annual salary of $113,000 - $127,000 without including retirement/medical benefits for life. Is this not good enough ?


“Do you think smaller class sizes result in better education?”
Think Again.
Ref. SARC reports provided by Milpitas School board
SARC report by Cupertino School Board -
Once again schools with bigger class size have better API Scores.

Randall Elementary with smallest class size has worst API.

Unbelievable but true.

Its unbelievable because we have been led to believe this by “Educators” and no one has ever questioned the so-called “Education Industry”

Lets face it. Like any other industry Teachers and Superintendent try to maximize their salary first. Children’s education is secondary for them
Recently one of School Board Member Mr. Mendizabal said about his 12 year service - 
"One of the board's greatest accomplishments is while we were going through cuts, we were able to pass a parcel tax".

Members of School Board consider taking our money in bad economic times their greatest achievements not raising quality of education.
Does this not look like achievement of a Hedge Fund Manager on Wall Street?
Do we want to hand over money to Hedge Fund Mangers for improving our Schools?
Another School Board member Marsha Grilli said this about donors supporting of Measure E.
"Donors include some of the school district's vendors, Grilli said, and those who stand to gain contracts if the bond passes. They include HMC Architects at $10,000 and Piper Jaffray, an investment banking and asset management firm, at $20,000. source – Mercury New

Do you believe these donor are spending big money for our kids future???
Even Marsha Grilli doesn't believe this.

School Board has already spent $144,000 taxpayer money on this election. Legal firms have been already promised $150,000 from the bond. KNN Finance has been promised $60,000 for each bond series.
See how money has already started to flow towards “Wall Street”.

Please standup against these special interests to protect our future.
"Milpitas property owners (and renters through rent payments) are still paying for the last $65 million bond measure proposed by the elementary school district in 1998. In the past, California school districts have been able to obtain matching funds from the State, and the total amassed by the Milpitas District was about $100 million.
The advocates of this measure should explain to voters precisely how that $100 millionwas spent and why another $95 million is needed now."
Source -


Under the general obligation bond, if approved at the necessary 55 percent approval rate, the district will sell bonds on the bond market and property owners would then be taxed at a rate of $50 per $100,000 of assessed valuation to pay them off. The average Milpitas homeowner would pay about $183 per year for 25 years, based on the county assessor's estimated assessment value for a single-family home in Milpitas ($366, 838). This would be on top of the $35 per $100,000 in valuation property owners already pay for a 1996 bond.


"In 2005 the school district claimed that a 'budget crisis' was looming and they needed a parcel tax. After that attempt failed, the district raised salaries 7 percent in one year, nearly 17 percent from 2005 to 2009. The superintendent's salary went from $154,110 in the 2004-05 school year to $207,104 today a 34 percent increase. These are not the signs of a school district that truly believed they were dealing with a budget crisis"
Source -,_Measure_B_(June_2010)


Milpitas unified per pupil expense 

Year         students    spending/student
2004-2005   9601          $6293
2005-2006   9697          $6299
2006-2007   9641          $7005
2007-2008   9624          $7491
2008-2009   9389          $7686
2009-2010   9491          $7310
2010-2011   9622          $7249

rise in expense from 2004 to 2011 is more than 15%. 

school spending rose like crazy during 2005 - 2009 by 23%. current spending is still 15% more than 2005 yr. level. Number of students are pretty much the same. Source -